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Class Descriptions


My Pilates mat-based workout is a low impact yet challenging all-levels class designed to help participants develop leaner, longer looking muscles, establish core strength and stability, correct bad posture and improve mind-body awareness.
Classes incorporate the key principles of Pilates, weaving/blending exercise variations and using props to add resistance and variety.
Private reformer Pilates sessions are also available; contact me to book your private class.



This high intensity blend of ballet barre movements makes for a fun and challenging way to cultivate and tone long, lean muscles.  The smaller, targeted movements of barre can bring a new level of awareness to the body as they activate the often-underused deep, core stabilizer muscles.  Be prepared for defining and sculpting arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-cinching ab moves, and yogic stretches.

The best part: Anyone no matter your age, flexibility or fitness level can hit the bar and achieve results.  It never gets easier; you’ll just get stronger. 

Functional Fitness

Functional and circuit training is a mix of high-intensity exercises and cardio while using your body weight and a variety of props. My class will push you to the limit without causing injury to your body. This type of training keeps your heart rate up and calories and fat burning all day long!


FIT will make you work one hundred percent through quick, intense bursts of exercises followed by short, sometimes active recovery periods. I look forward to seeing you in class!


Vinyasa FLow Yoga

Vinyasa means a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures. This dynamic form of yoga focuses on flowing between postures while maintaining deep, rhythmic breathing, to help achieve strength, increase endurance, release tension, and create more flexibility in the entire body. All levels are welcome to join this fun, flowing class in which each person can work at their own pace, following the teacher’s verbal and hands-on guidance. Options are provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.